CeBA – Chinese eBusiness Association of Canada was founded on 2008-08-07 and has its registered office in Ottawa. It is a non-profit e-business technology society and a Canadian Chinese business association located in Canadian capital city Ottawa, focusing on providing e-commerce and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) related solutions to Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs).

To help Canada businesses remain competitive in our rapidly changing information economy, CeBA Chinese eBusiness Association of Canada has created Cnada eBusiness Center (CeBC). An Ottawa-based not-for-profit e-business resource centre, CeBC was created in response to the entrepreneurial community demand for more and better e-business and e-commerce resources. We offer a unique and comprehensive collection of e-business information services to help Canadian small businesses adapt to technological change, and maintain and grow their businesses.

Our vision is twofold:

To offer the information Canada’s small and medium-sized enterprises need to enable them to adopt e-business technologies.

To promote reputable, established Ottawa-based providers of e-commerce and e-business services.